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The Chickasaw Nation Presents

Your Fitness Journey

AYA means to go; to journey in our Chickasaw language. AYA is now asking you to download this one-of-a-kind step tracking app and go on a walk; a journey through time and culture to be stronger in body and in spirit.

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AYA is a unique step tracker that unlocks rich Chickasaw narratives as you walk through your daily life. AYA is a Chickasaw word meaning “to go; to journey.” As you take steps toward improved fitness, a supportive Chickasaw character walks you through time, unlocking stories about the past. On your AYA journey, you can compete with other AYA users for position on the leaderboard, discover hidden Chickasaw treasures, explore historical paths and visit important cultural places, all while celebrating a renewed connection to a healthy lifestyle.

AYA combines physical activity and Chickasaw culture and history with storytelling and goal setting challenges. With each AYA step, you will feel more and more connected to your dream of a healthy and happy future for you and your family.

Bill Anoatubby, Governor The Chickasaw Nation

Bill Anoatubby

Governor, Chickasaw Nation

We Never Walk Alone

Select Your Chickasaw Walking Partner

Take your first steps with AYA and travel with a supportive Chickasaw walking partner. Your walking partner is your guide to better health and a better understanding of the Chickasaw Nation. Learn about what makes our people strong, and become strong yourself - growing in knowledge and building up strength to a healthier you.

Eight Chickasaw historical fictional walking partners guide you along your path.

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Get Out And Move

We Track Your Steps

Each step in AYA marks progress on a real historical path. Tracking steps shows how far you have traveled on the map, how many steps you have taken and how close you are to meeting your fitness journey goal.

  • And other step trackers if your device connects with Apple Health or Google Fit.

As You Walk, You Learn

When it comes to health and fitness, it should be more than just going through the motions. AYA not only takes you on a journey to improved health, it unlocks a world of rich Chickasaw narratives.

  • Character Episodes

    Each character has stories that you’ll unlock as you walk along your journey.

  • Points of Interest

    These historical locations are anchored along the path, the same locations, sights and sounds you’ll find there today.

  • Education

    You receive Chickasaw words and the prayers of those who came before you, allowing you to learn more about the Chickasaw Nation.

  • Groups

    Create a group, or join a group, and get into the friendly spirit of competition.

As you walk and improve your health, learn more about the history and culture of the Chickasaw Nation.

Download And Start Your Journey Today